Vpen Fountain Pen

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The classic and popular Pilot V4, or Vpen, is a disposable fountain pen with a quality steel nib in 0.58mm medium point.

Unlike most other disposable fountain pens, the Vpen nib has real tipping, making for a smooth, rounded writing point, and a much more enjoyable writing experience. The rounded shape of the tip makes the Vpen more forgiving of angle, so it's great for left-handed people, and those new to fountain pens, but also a great casual-use pen for people who love fountain pens.

Large ink capacity, reliably and consistently delivered by the V-System ink controller, giving this fountain pen the same dependability that Pilot's rollerball pens are famous for. Because there's no cartridge or filling system, the Vpen can hold far more ink than most refillable fountain pens.

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