Octopus Write & Draw Bottled 50ml Ink

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Octopus Write & Draw Inks boast a vast selection of hues, making them a go-to choice for fountain pen users. Additionally, the inks are both smudge and waterproof, ideal for graphic designers, illustrators, calligraphers, and artists using calligraphy pens, glass pens, or brushes for writing, sketching, drawing, and coloring.

Pigmentation is balanced and intense at 38 vibrant shades, from deep black to various shades of gray and a highly opaque white, ideal for dark backgrounds.

Careful consideration was given to the creation of this drawing ink to ensure its compatibility with fountain pens. Utilizing a precise blend of high quality pigments, Octopus Write & Draw Bottled 50ml Ink ensures a lightfastness and even ink flow, while avoiding blockages in the pen's ink feed. The same professional writing experience seen in the classic Octopus fountain pen inks is also featured in this pigmented writing ink. Its adherence to DIN ISO 12757-2 and DIN ISO 14145-2 standards, as well as its vegan-friendly ingredients, make Octopus Write & Draw an ideal choice.
Writing aficionados appreciate the sharp typeface that is achievable on paper compatible with fountain pens, and the pleasing effect of Octopus Write & Draw ink. Calligraphers are able to generate the finest hairlines and remarkable flourishings, while illustration and sketch artists accomplish exact lines. Once dry, the ink or tusche is waterproof.

The Octopus Write & Draw ink is perfectly suited for use in both undiluted and diluted forms. When used at full strength, the ink boasts exceptional opacity and coverage. This versatile drawing ink is also capable of being mixed with other colors or with water to create an array of unique hues, enabling you to achieve beautiful watercolor effects.

In contrast to regular waterproof inks, the Octopus Write & Draw can safely be utilized in fountain pens. Though, caution should be observed to keep the filler from drying out. It is due to the cross-linking binder that gives the Write & Draw Inks their water resistance, and which cannot be removed if it has dried. To avoid any unintended drying, we advise to rinse and clean your writing instrument thoroughly following use.

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