G. Lalo Social Set in two sizes - Verge de France

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The "Verge" or laid finish paper was originally made by hand in large vats. The wet pulp was lifted from the vat in a flat metal strainer. While drying the pattern of the mesh would be embedded into the newly formed paper. The laid mesh pattern is characteristic of this paper. It serves also as a line guide when writing. The "Verge" paper enhances the look and quality of personal stationery as well as business documents. Can be used in an inkjet or laser printer. 

Two Sizes:

  • Large: 10 sheets A4 (8.25 x 11.75) & 5 envelopes DL (4.25 x 8.5)
  • Small: 10 sheets A5 (5.75 x 8.25) & 5 envelopes C6 (4.5 x 6.25)


  • White
  • Ivory

Paper weight: 100g 

25% cotton

Acid Free

Made in France.

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