Stabilo Point 88 Autumn Collection 8/pk

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This wallet of STABILO Point 88 Fineliners contains the 8 new colours introduced to the range in 2021. The colours in it are 12 Eucalyptus, 28 Blush, 34 Pistachio, 37 Mud Green, 47 Rust Red, 49 Strawberry Red, 60 Plum and 62 Grey Violet.

STABILO Point 88 fineliner pens have water-based, smudge proof ink and a fine 0.4mm nib. The tip is porous and needle-like and is encased in metal, making them suitable for use with stencils, rulers and templates.

Perfect for writing, drawing and colouring in detail. Use for sketching, comic art, layout plans, graphic design and other art and craft tasks.

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