Qavavau Manumie: Feathering the Nest Bookplates

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Qavavau Manumie (Canadian, b. 1958) Feathering the Nest, 2003 A premier artist working with Cape Dorset’s famed Kinngait Studios, Qavavau Manumie enjoys incorporating animals of the arctic into his drawings and prints. He is known for his precise artistry and sometimes quirky subject matter, as shown by this sprightly bird carrying an oversized feather.

  • 24 adhesive bookplates in a decorative hardtop box
  • 3" x 4" 
  • bookplates are an attractive way to maintain your personal library 
  • love to gift books? bookplates offer a classic way to personalize your present
  • add art to the front matter of your books with these unique bookplates
  • adhesive backing makes them easy to use

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